MD man says he was ripping off ISIS, not taking money to plan terror attacks in U.S.

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EDGEWOOD, MD – A Maryland man is the latest person picked up by the Justice Department and charged with supporting ISIS terrorism in the United States.

Federal agents busted 30-year-old Mohamed Elshinawy at his Edgewood apartment.

The feds say they learned over the summer an ISIS operative wanted to send money to someone in the US. The investigation led to Elshinawy, who the FBI says received $8,700 through PayPal and Western Union.

The feds say the plan was for Elshinawy to use the money to finance attacks in the US.

But Elshinawy claims he was duping ISIS, taking their money, and spending it on himself for things like several pay-as-you-go cell phones and a laptop.

There’s apparently no evidence he spent the terrorist cash for a weapons cache.

Either way, this boy’s in serious trouble, either from Uncle Sam who may jail his butt, or from ISIS who may take his head.

Terrorists take note: getting visas to enter America will be more difficult now that we know San Bernardino killer Tafsheen Malik was making jihadist postings to social media even as the state department prepared to provide her a fiancée visa.

Right now, Homeland Security only looks at an applicant’s social media posts every now and then.

That will change under a new procedure still in the works.

Yeah, better late than never.