NC town nixes solar farm, fears solar panels will suck up all the sun’s energy

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WOODLAND, NC – Imagine, if you will, a sponge so large that an evil power could use it to suck up all of the energy of the sun.

This isn’t some sci-fi movie plot. It’s down to earth, and it’s what folks in Woodland, North Carolina believe... among other things.

The town council recently said “no way, solar ray” to plans to rezone land for a solar farm. The townsfolk feared the project would suck up all the sun’s energy, cause cancer, and stop plants from growing.

Other residents feared the solar farm would reduce the value of their homes.

A spokesman for Strata Solar tried to tell them that the only sunlight used was the sunlight that fell on the solar panels directly. And he promised they wouldn’t keep toxic substances on the site.

Strata Solar likes Woodland because it has an electrical substation the company could hook up to.

But don’t expect the light of science to shine on Woodland any time soon.

When the town council sent the Strata Solar folks packing, it put a moratorium on future solar farms for the town.

And thanks to them, the sun is safe, and where it should be: orbiting around the Earth.