Register your drone

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Listen up, if drones are on your Christmas list, the “Drone Police” are coming for you, sort of.

After months of research, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced it’ll require recreational drones to be registered. It doesn’t matter whether you just got it or have been flying it for years. If your unmanned aircraft weighs more than one half pound, but less than 55 pounds, you’ll need to register it with the FAA between December 21st and February 19th.

Daniel Pawlowski flies drones for fun and for work. He tells us the registration process is pretty simple, “Registering a drone is basically is your serial number name, your name, address, email, phone, all of the basic contact information. They’re going to give you a tail number to put on your drone - a sticker that if they type in that number it’s registered to, so and so."

Pawlowski wants everyone to know drones really aren’t for kids because they require frequent checks, maintenance, and firmware updates just like a real aircraft. “There’s a lot that goes into flying one of these and you’ve got to be very responsible because you are dealing with the skies, and you’re operating in an area where there are other passenger aircraft flying around and the last thing you want to do is go and cause an accident,” says Pawlowski.

So if your child gets a drone this holiday season, be prepared to supervise him or her. Otherwise, the F-A-A might follow Japan’s lead, and launch “ninja drones” to scoop up unregistered and potentially dangerous drones.