Texas City plumber sues auto dealer after his sold truck appeared in ISIS video

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TEXAS CITY, TX - Ads, we see them everywhere on the road. But when is "too much" publicity a bad thing? According to Texas City, Texas, plumber Mark Oberholtzer, it's when your business' name and phone number shows up in an ISIS recruiting video. Oberholtzer says, "How it ended up in Syria with my logo still on it, I just don't understand. Even if i was a terrorist, why would I be driving a plumbing truck?" The name "Mark-1 Plumbing" and business number is clearly seen in the terrorist video. That can't be good for business!

Now, Oberholtzer is suing Autonation for one million dollars after the dealership bought his old work truck back in 2013, and according to the plumber, neglected to peel off his business decals from the vehicle. Oberholtzer says, "My son, when he sold it, he tried to take the stickers off. They told him, no don't worry about that. We do that." But the info was not taken off the truck, and since it's debut as an ISIS ride, the plumber has received numerous death threats by phone.

So folks, please stop bugging this poor plumber, and let him continue to do his work. Remember, if America's clogged toilets can't get fixed, then the terrorists have truly won.