This week in imagined celebrity hookups

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LONDON, ENGLAND - The world is kind of a depressing place right now, so forget about ISIS and Donald Trump for a sec and get ready for some juicy gossip! In Today's 'imagined celebrity hookups,' Kourtney Kardashian supposedly gets her groove back with a 'Baby' singer...but first! It's all in the family, the royal family, that is.

Rumors are swirling that the world's most eligible ginger, Prince Harry, has a new love interest--and her name is--Pippa Middleton?! Let's face it, the world has wanted these two to hook up ever since Prince William married Kate. Gossip rag OK! Magazine is reporting that Kate even found Harry and Pippa 'snogging' in the bathroom at her wedding reception (that's British talk for sucking face!)

You can imagine the Queen's reaction--two commoners in the royal family? How dreadful! It's highly unlikely Pippa has seen the crown jewels, but hey, crazier things have happened, like the oldest Kardashian sister bumpin' uglies with baby Bieber!?!

Yeah, word on the street is that Kourtney is having secret rendezvous with the Biebs. Sorry, Scott, but it looks like she's traded you in for a much younger model. Cheers to the happy couples, however fictitious they may be.