Dolphins ban season ticket holders who resell seats from buying next year

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MIAMI, FL-- The Miami Dolphins lost their chance at the playoffs, but now it seems they could lose some longtime fans.

First, they raised season ticket prices on nearly half their seats. (Can nautical aqua paint really be 'that' expensive?) Then they demanded fans renew their season tickets by December 18-- before they announce who the new coach and possible new GM will be.

Now they're telling longtime season ticket holders they can't renew for next year because they resold their tickets too many times on the NFL Ticket Exchange.

Seriously?! Who cares who's in the seat, as long as you sell it?

Football fan Jamarcus Countee says that's crazy, "If that was the New England Patriots telling me that, I would be hurt. I would be mad. I'd have probably had a whole march out here about that."

Joshua Henley says he's against it, too. "People are gonna spend a lot of money dedicated to their teams. They should be able to make some money back in the process," Henley says. "If you're selling to friends and family, then (it's) totally okay."

This decision definitely feels like a flag on the field. Let's hope our Texans don't follow suit. And hopefully, the Fins will rethink this botched play and let the fans support them anyway they choose.

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