Safety concerns during the opening of new Star Wars film

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HOUSTON, TX - The new star wars film opens Thursday night, hours before its official release date. With Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the "force" will once again be strong in movie theaters all over the country. But what about security?

Earlier this year, a gunman entered a cinema in Lafayette, Louisiana, killing two and injuring nine others before taking his own life. And who can forget Aurora, Colorado, when 140 unsuspecting moviegoers were shot (12 fatally) back in 2012. Now, with legions of Star Wars fans expected to play the part of their favorite characters on opening night, many movie theaters are taking precautions.

We've reached out to local movie theaters showing the upcoming Star Wars, but they've declined to give us an official statement. A manager at the Edwards Marq'E and IMAX did tell us off camera that they will be implementing a "No helmet, no face paint, no problem" policy for the film. Other reports have theaters being a little more hands-on, when it comes to securing safety for Star Wars fans. They will be using security wards and checking bags.

so, the Force will be awakened very soon. Lets just hope law enforcement will not have to respond.

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