TSA approved locks’ master-key available online

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HOUSTON, TX - Packing for the holidays and plan on locking your luggage? If you think you're saving yourself some hassle buying a TSA approved lock, you might want to think again.

The TSA has the master-key to the locks with certain logos. People buy them in case their bag is picked to rummage through and the TSA won't have to break the TSA lock to look inside.

Here's the problem. In September, someone published a high-resolution image of the master-key! From that one picture, someone digitally recreated the key and made the design available online for all the world to 3D print.

The TS knows about the breach. Their statement? It “…does not create a threat to aviation security. These consumer products are `peace of mind` devices, not part of TSA`s aviation security (regimen).”

Maybe it doesn`t cause any additional risk to your flight, but what about your property!?!

So it might cost you your unapproved lock if the TSA needs to take a peek, but this little logo on your lock may be a big bull`s-eye for any tech savvy thieves this holiday season.

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