Bungling bank bandit caught on video unable to open front door

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OMAHA, NE – There are right ways to rob banks, there are dumb ways to rob banks ,and apparently there is the “Omaha Cow Chips for Brains” way to rob banks.

Omaha Crime Stoppers released security video of a recent bank robbery that almost didn’t get off the ground because one of the two robbers couldn’t figure out how to open the front door. His hooded accomplice had to come back and let him in.

It took a full seven seconds and still he couldn’t figure out how to open the door.

One angle shows the female robber on her way to make some unauthorized withdrawals when she noticed her knucklehead partner trapped outside and had to go back to let him in.

Once inside, the bungling bandit had to prove that he was large and in charge by pulling out his gun and waving it around as he paced back and forth across the lobby.

Bank employees described the pair as African-American. She was about five-ten, so that would make him about six feet of stupid.

No one was hurt, except maybe his pride.

She cleaned out the drawers and filled her small bag with cash.

Then they made a swift getaway, because you don’t have to show this guy twice how to open a door.