Man in Alaska gives you the power to control his Christmas lights

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FAIRBANKS, AK – If you didn’t have the time to put up Christmas lights on your house, then maybe you’d like the ability to to control someone else’s Christmas lights. If that’s you, then you’re in luck because Ken and Rebecca-Ellen Woods, who since 2010 have allowed strangers to control the Christmas lights on their home in Fairbanks, Alaska, via the website

Woods rigged his outdoor lights so that they can be turned on or off with a click on his website, and you see the result as you click. Lights  are assigned to different zones and columns and areas.


The photos  are captured by a webcam and uploaded. It can be a little slow, or hard to tell if you’re the one controlling a given light right when you click (when we tried it there were 287 people adjusting the lights), but nonetheless it’s fun to play with and kind of hypnotic to watch.