Obama: don’t give in to terrorism fears and stay true to our values

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama took time out to assure the American people that we should feel safe and secure this holiday season, that the nation’s best and brightest are on the job.

But probably not members of his cabinet who couldn’t find where they should stand.

Once everyone settled in, the President went about the business at hand.

"I want every American to know as you go about the holidays as you travel and gather with family, and kids open the presents, as you ring in the new year, that you've got dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the country to protect us all. Often time they're doing so by sacrificing their own holidays, their own time with families, they care about this deeply and they’re the best in the world. For that we're very grateful."

Meantime, the feds now say, for the first time, that last July’s attack on military installations in Chattanooga were acts of terrorism. Four marines and a sailor died.

"We have concluded that the Chattanooga killer was inspired by a foreign terrorist’s organization propaganda,” said FBI Director James Comey.

Enrique Marquez, is not smiling now. He’s the boyhood chum and neighbor of Syed Farook and who purchased the assault rifles used by Farook and Tafsheen Malik in their attack in San Bernardino.

And now, he’s in federal custody after his arrest. No word on the charges, but he’s the guy who purchased the rifles in the attack.

Marquez has told investigators he didn’t know about the attacks before they happened, but, he says he and Farook planned a 2012 attack that they didn’t carry out.

Now that he’s arrested, we’ll learn more about that plan and maybe find out there’s a lot we still don’t know, and that’s pretty scary.