School rolls on despite threat to HISD

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HOUSTON - It`s gonna take more than an e-mail threatening violence to shut down the largest school district in Texas.

Despite Wednesday night`s threat, it was almost business as usual today for Houston schools as superintendent Terry Grier consulted with the FBI, the cyber crime unit, and his counterparts across the country.

Robert Mock, Chief of HISD Police said, "We made the determination that it was more than likely not a credible threat."

This is the message Grier received:

Hello there. There is something you should know about, taking place

tomorrow of 12/17/15, Thursday.

My story starts here. I have been bullied every day here, in one of the

district high schools. Just because, I am 'different'. I turned to

religion, to solve my problems, and found faith and comfort in Allah. He

has helped me through a lot. So now, I must help him. He has called upon

me and my fellow comrades to take action against you blasphemers and

non-believers. You have denied Allah for too long. My 46 Jihad

affiliates and I are going to unleash an massacre of epic proportion,

targeting every single school and student in the district. We have an

assorted collection of Kalashnikov rifles, MG240 Light machine guns, RPG

Launchers, .50 Cal Sniper rifles, hand grenades, and to top it off:

suicide vests. We have already planted napalm, propane, and pressure

cooker explosives in multiple schools. They are set to go off in places

that will cause maximum structural damage to each building: for maximum

casualty. First responders will be in for quite the surprise, as we have

highly trained sniper forces straight from Ar Raqqa. We will fight for

our cause tomorrow, and all students in every school in the entire

district will be slaughtered for their blasphemy and unbelief in the one

true God, Allah. You will no longer get away with your dishonesty to our


Allah has called upon us:

Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with

terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have

anyone to help."

You will no longer deny the wrath of Allah. He has sent us to serve his

holy army.

My name is (name redacted). You may not know this name now,

but my name will be known to everyone. I will be known as the one man

who truly saved this earth. For Allah.

And if you think you will stop us, by canceling schools, or perhaps,

adding security, it will not help.

If school is canceled, then there will be bombings regardless of whether

students are there or not, and mass shootings will be taken to the

streets. If security is stepped up, for tomorrow's fatwa, it will not

help. We will take out any police and other security by any means

necessary, even if we go down with them.

الله أكبر

‏محمد رسول الله

The message was generic, never mentioned the district by name, and referred to all schools. It was nearly identical to the ones received in several major cities this week.
A similar e-mail shut down every school in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Cheif Mock says, "I have two kids and they went to school....wouldn`t send my kids if they were in any danger."

Even after receiving reassuring texts and phone calls from the district, reaction from parents is mixed.

Steven Sacks, a concerned parent, says, "It's a subtle war. Not one we're used to fighting. But, we're at war."

Diana Solis, another concerned parent, added, "Yeah...I`m a little worried about it."

Sonu Mathew, another parent on edge, says, "You can`t stop living life because people are putting threats out there."

Dr. Andrew Brams is both a clinical psychologist and concerned "Parents should encourage the kids to go to school and the best they can and let the adults worry about it."

And one other piece of advice for everyone: if you see something, say something.

Thanks to cyber sleuthing, we`re told the e-mail didn`t come from Houston. Though considered a hoax, it was taken seriously. Every HISD campus has police protection. Maintainance crews swept every facility looking for anything suspicious, and the district remains on high alert the rest of the week. This is one school subject not simply being dismissed!