The new Star Wars premiere also ushers in a whole lot of strange movie merchandise

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HOUSTON, TX - The day is finally here! Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits the theaters this evening, and those brave enough to endure a marathon showing of all six previous star wars films will be the lucky folks who get to see the new one first. But after Episode 7 gets seen on the big screen, it doesn't mean the end of your Star Wars experience.

With tons of movie related merchandise out there; the galaxy far, far away, could be as close as your junk drawer. They're marketing everything for this movie. From the Darth Vader Tea Infuser, to Star Wars Duct Tape. There's high heel shoes, grapes, makeup, and even sex toys with the Star Wars name on it.

so, there you have it. from the big screen to the bedroom, Star Wars is definitely offering some thrills this season. May the force be with you.