Houston-based K9s4cops gives K-9 attack dog to France after they lose a K-9 officer of their own

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HOUSTON, TX - Sometimes, even the most courageous of heroes can fall in the line of duty. Diesel, a French K-9 officer, was killed when a female suicide bomber detonated the bomb strapped to her during the horrible terrorist attack in France in November.

That`s where K9s4cops comes in. The Houston-based charity couldn`t wait to lend a paw. They traveled to the French Embassy in Washington D.C. to offer a fellow fully trained K-9 officer to aid as relief for France’s fallen companion. The French Diplomat will choose from three fully trained attack dogs.

The chosen dog will be named Liberty, and sent to France. Russian authorities also reached out to help in France’s time of need. Comrades sent French Police this adorable puppy as a sign of good faith.

It's a time when America and France can unify with a common goal and a relationship that will only grow stronger, thanks to puppy love.