Father sues after authorities take no action in beating of his daughter, video and nude photos posted on Twitter

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ANCHORAGE, AK – What do you get when you combine some mean girl on girl fighting with a bit of the old ultra violence?

The answer is: an Anchorage, Alaska, beat down.

The father of 14-year-old Naomi Johnson has filed a civil suit against the woman who owns the house where other teen girls savagely beat his daughter for at least ten minutes during a drunken slumber party.

Apparently, Deanna Kirgis, who owns the place, was home, and, it seems, may have a history of letting under-aged girls get drunk at her place.

Naomi’s dad claims Kirgis not only let the girls get snockered, but also didn’t stop them from beating and kicking the tar out of his daughter.

It happened back in July. Someone posted the ten-minute video and nude photos of Naomi on Twitter.

The local prosecutor hasn’t filed charges and the school didn’t discipline the girls, even though Naomi’s dad says one of them threatened to stab her.

So now she’s home schooled.

Johnson is suing for medical bills and the cost of home schooling.

Kirgis only admits to having a slumber party.

The police say they want to be thorough because all the girls are minors and because the video may not represent what really happened.

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