Netflix socks will pause your show when you fall asleep

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LOS GATOS, CA - This time of year, we're looking forward to opening those beautifully wrapped packages under the tree. Well, all of them except that inevitable knitted nightmare, likely from an older relative.

This year, have that aunt who's a little too creative put her needles to use in a high-tech way: Netflix Socks. Just like Santa, these things see you when you're sleeping and they know when you're awake thanks to a tiny monitoring device. Say you start binge watching a show and fall sleep; the socks can tell and they'll pause the show.

You can't just buy the socks and slip 'em on, though; you have to knit them and program the accelerometer.

Never fear! Netflix publishes a whole how-to guide and knitting patterns for your favorite show's socks.

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