Undocumented children arrive in North Texas

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ROCKWALL COUNTY, TX -  Three chartered bus loads of undocumented, unaccompanied children from Central America arrived in Texas over the weekend. They're part of a larger group staying at the Sabine Creek Ranch while they await housing and immigration processing.

Not everyone offered a big Texas welcome.

"Some people just flat don't like it. They are totally against it,"  said neighbor John Anderson. "The gentleman that is putting this on is going to catch a lot of flack off of it."  Anderson said neighbors are worried about security with 200 children, mainly teenagers, spending the next three weeks on the ranch.

The Rockwall County Sheriff came out ahead of the teens` arrival and says the federal government`s plan seems pretty tight.

"What we've seen, we're impressed.  We feel like ratio of workers to the refugee children is very, very good and we don't see any negatives at this point,"  said Sheriff Harold Eavenson.

In the next three weeks feds will work to find relatives for the children to stay with until their immigration court date.

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