Dealing with the dreaded “Why are you still single?” holiday question

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HOUSTON, TX - Ah, holiday family reunions!  Is there anything more annoying than that glaring, awkward spotlight when relatives ask the age old question: "why are you still single"?

"They're not coming from a bad place when they do it," said Houston resident Allison Schulz, "but it kind of makes me feel like crap."

A simple "Mind your own business, aunt Beth" won't work.  You know your peeps: they won't let go until you feel miserable about yourself and agree to meet their neighbor's daughter, grandson or dog.  Also, why are you waiting to bless your parents with the grandchildren they deserve?  Who are you, anyway?  A person?

So, what is a killer answer to that dreaded question?  If the bells are jingling and you still don't have a date, here are some suggestions that might do the trick:

"I'm just fine and enjoying being single right now,"  Oliver Babcock told us.  "I'm not really looking right now,  I'm just kind of focusing on myself."

And Allison Schulz added, "When the time is right it'll happen".

Although, some folks would rather take the bull by the horns.

"If you're single, you should just hit up a bar tonight," expressed Sean Imran.   "I'm pretty sure you'll find someone out there."

In conclusion: whether you're single, unhappily married or recently dumped… remember that it's your life and you're the master of your… Nah, that won't work either.  Just admit that your siblings are better than you, and everything is gonna be alright.