Dozens of dog bodies found in woods

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CHIMES, AR - A heart-wrenching crime scene in rural Arkansas has police searching for answers to big questions. They want to know not just who committed the crime but why.

The bodies of 57 dogs were discovered in the woods, riddled with bullet holes and left for dead. John McGruder, the manager for the local humane society, came to the scene to look for survivors, saying, "I just don't deal well with this but, I'm doing my best so I can save the ones I can."

No one lives in the immediate area. The sheriff thinks someone brought them here, fed them poison, and opened fire, saying, "[They] systematically just start shooting and just leaving them laying and not even making sure that they're dead."

A few lucky dogs survived and are now being cared for at a shelter. Humane Society employee Jean Passmore says, "They could have found homes for these dogs. Why? Just why?" Employees at the humane society are channeling their anger into love, nursing the survivors back to health. But they can't help but wonder who would do this.

They say, all dogs go to heaven, but the person responsible for this act has a special seat reserved somewhere else.