Food for Thought: eat right for the holidays

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You’ll probably have some kind of dead meat for your big holiday meal, maybe the same dead meat you had at Thanksgiving. Well, not the same meat, but the same kind.

Or you might for the traditional English fare with a goose if you’re feeling all Charles Dickens-y.

Deer is good, but absolutely no reindeer. That would be kinda weird.

Whatever you eat, just remember that some food makes you feel good while others don’t. And the amount of food you eat matters.

The folks at Health-dot-com have compiled a feast of information on the proper way to chow down during the holidays.

“Don’t overeat” is the no-duh tip of the day.

Eating too much can push stomach acid into your esophagus and that could lead to acid reflux.  You know. Heartburn. Gas. That burning sensation. And that’s always a food buzz kill.

Food experts say some foods are more likely to trigger acid reflux, such as greasy foods and chocolate.

They recommend eating multi-grain rolls instead of mac and cheese.

And yes, apparently some people do have mac and cheese as a holiday tradition. Hey, it’s all good.

They also recommend not doing what we all like to do, and that would be to take a nap. That can also trigger acid reflux.

We’re supposed to get up and take a walk because gravity is our friend and keeps that big ol’ meal in your stomach where it belongs. And that’s holiday heartburn-free food for thought.

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