Man with last name of Miller steals Coors truck

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COLUMBUS, GA -  You know the old saying "everything in moderation?" It's true especially when it comes to beer.

One brew after work can help you relax, but a truck full ... well, that'll get you thrown in jail.

Gregory Miller brewed up a plan to make a whole Coors truck his after a delivery driver left one idling in a parking lot. Get that -- a Miller trying to steal Coors!

Major J.D. Hawk with the Columbus PD says, "Officers put out a broadcast on the beer truck at which time it was later discovered operating on Victory Drive."

Things came to a head when, at the end of a chase, Miller bailed out.

"He got run over by the truck 'cause it was still in motion."

Miller wasn't seriously hurt, but he definitely won't be living the "high life" for a while. Once he's out of the hospital ... the next stop for our Dumbass of the Day ... is the cooler -- err -- slammer.