Military parents make surprise homecomings

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KANSAS CITY, MO - This time of year, it can be agonizing to be away from your family for the holidays. Some lucky military families won't have that problem this year, as parents who serve are surprising their kids with their homecoming.

Major Paul Fleming's wife told his daughters that daddy won't be able to make it home this Christmas, so that Paul could surprise the girls himself when he came home to Kansas City. Fleming says about one of his daughters, "She's already asked me to sit next to her on the ride home."

Meanwhile, a Marine coming home to Cleveland surprised his girlfriend in front of a cheering crowd. Then he hit her with another big surprise, a marriage proposal. In front of hundreds of strangers, she said, "Yes!"

And finally, a military mom shared an emotional homecoming at her kids' elementary school near Grand Rapids, Michigan. U.S. Army private Elise Kurek surprised her kids during an assembly. The principal asked them in front of the whole school what they wanted for Christmas, and they said "Mommy." Kurek says, "It`s difficult to try to focus on training and do what I`m supposed to do, and know that my family is back here doing what we all used to do... But it`s worth it."

It is a heartwarming gift to see people who sacrifice so much for our country not having to sacrifice time with their families this holiday.