FBI says number of violent crimes decreasing

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WASHINGTON, DC - 'Tis the season of toasts and wishes of peace, love and health.   Sounds cliche, right?  Especially with the variety of mass shootings and terror attacks we've experienced this year.  But don't let the news fool you, because our prayers are actually working.

According to the FBI, the numbers of violent crimes reported have been falling dramatically since the early 90s.

Shocked?  Listen to this: nearly 630,000 fewer violent incidents were registered in 2014 compared to 1995.  630,000 less!  With a population that is growing and growing.

What's behind these decades of declining crime rates?  Hard to know.  Some say economic growth… but that doesn't explain why violence didn't go up during the recession.  Some say better police tactics… but differences between cities are not that significant.  Some researchers out there suggest environmental changes connected to lead might have affected human behavior, but that remains to be proven.  Perhaps cultural changes in our society and a new generation -millennials- taking over, might be part of the explanation.

But one thing is for sure: as the trend continues, the year 2015 is clearly going out with a bang.

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