Food for Thought: Healthy holiday eating (and drinking)

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The late, great Yogi Berra reminded us that it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

And that’s true for the holiday party schedule. You still have a few more days for those bacchanal get-togethers. But if you’re going to eat and drink your way to next year,

Just keep in mind that eating, and drinking, should be done with some attempt at balance and good sense. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for it in the months to come. One way to keep out of trouble is to eat lighter meals in between your parties.

Registered dietician Dana Nahai says, "Focus on foods that are naturally low in fat and high in fiber like vegetables, whole grains and beans.”

And those would be vittles like brown rice, lentils, butternut squash, and parsley. Also remember not to pig out at the parties. Moderation is the word.

“You want to try not to consume more than the typical amount that you would consume at any other sit-down meal,” Nahai says.

And here’s a nifty trick for cutting calories while knocking back the booze: refill your glass with water between cocktails.

As you bend your elbow eating and drinking, remember you also can bend your elbow Exercising. That will help burn off those extra calories from overeating and drinking so that instead of starting the new year fat and happy, you’ll just be happy.

And that’s some end of the holidays food for thought.

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