Hormone expert pinpoints best time of day for sex

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HOUSTON, TX - It's not exactly breaking news, but this is information that hits pretty close to home - as in your bedroom.

We now know the best time of day to have sex. Turns out, Starland Vocal Band had it right decades ago in their song "Afternoon Delight."

A hormone expert revealed 3pm is the ideal time to "rub sticks and stone together" making sparks ignite, to borrow from the song. The expert says at 3 p.m., women have more cortisol, so they're more alert and guys are "emotionally present" because their estrogen levels are up.

But how do you grab some afternoon delight when most of us are working at 3pm?

"If you're at work, you could be having a cheeky affair in the office stockroom, but it's kind of an awkward time," joked Hannah Fritsch.

Laura Lindeen added, "That is some serious James Bond, synchronization of watches, you have to really have a plan, don't you?"

Oh, well. As the song says "we know the night is gonna be here anyway."



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