ISIS clerics provide do’s and don’ts for having sex with female slaves

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ISLAMIC STATE – So, if you thought the Islamic State is made up of a bunch of ruthless thugs who get great delight from cutting off the heads of helpless victims, or training children to do their dirty deeds (and they’re done dirt cheap), well, listen up, ‘cause you ain’t heard nuthin’ yet.

Now we’re seeing reports that ISIS clerics, you know, the guys who decide questions of religion, issued some fatwas, or rulings, on the proper way to treat female sex slaves.

Reuters was the first to reveal the fatwas taken from a top ISIS official after a U.S. Special Forces raid last May.

Among the 15 fatwas is the prohibition against having sex with a pregnant slave.

If an ISIS man owns a mother and daughter, he cannot have sex with both of them, because that would just be wrong.

Same holds for sister slaves. The ISIS man has to choose one.

And the whole idea of sex slaves is not a family affair.

A son cannot have sex with his father’s slave, and a father cannot have sex with his son’s slave.

And a husband cannot have sex with his wife’s slave.

And, there is to be absolutely no sex anal sex.

Also, to show their compassion, ISIS slave owners cannot sell their women to men who will treat them badly, because, well, that would also be wrong.

As if this whole sex slave fatwa thing is not wrong enough.

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