Open Carry in Texas starts January 1 but many businesses are saying not inside their stores

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HOUSTON, TX - Open carry in Texas is a few days away, but many businesses are not open to the new law at their locations. Houston-based Gringo's Mexican Kitchen and Jimmy Changas, join other businesses like Target, Whataburger, Starbucks and H-E-B in saying no to the sight of firearms inside their doors. The law states they can refuse open carry customers in two ways. According to Fort Bend district attorney John Healey, "They can verbally tell them once they're on the premises, that entry is forbidden. Or they can do so in the preferred and suggested way, by posting a sign."

Galleria mall owner, Simon Property Group, is also reminding customers of it's no firearm policy in this statement:

"Once the law goes into effect, any shopper in possession of a weapon will be individually notified of Simon`s existing policy by a member of the security or management team and asked to comply."

Still, many folks are looking forward to the first of January.

Hospitals, places that serve alcohol and churches don't have to comply to open carry. But bad guys are staying away from the Church of New Beginnings in Baytown. Pastor Benny Holmes made headlines in July, when he shot and wounded a robber inside his church and he's ready to do it again. Holmes believes prayers and pistols go hand in hand and will allow his flock to visibly carry firearms. God works in mysterious ways.

Open carry in Texas will start with the New Year. Let's just hope 2016 doesn't come in with a bang!

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