Study shows coffee increases endurance during workout

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HOUSTON, TX -  Is working out and getting healthy on your list of New Year's resolutions? Turns out, the morning coffee used for that “get up and go” effect might also keep you going during your workout.

A new study by the University of Georgia says that drinking coffee can enhance your endurance during a workout, especially for cycling and running.

That's something personal trainer Layn Chess, personal trainer and co-owner of Studio Fitness in Houston, has heard before. And the caffeine is key, in any form.

“What you're looking at is a physiological response, the body is all about adaptation... one of those things can be an increased heart rate, so you're increasing the blood flow. The faster the blood flow, the quicker you can get nutrients in, and toxins out,” says Chess.

Shawn Manderscheid recently added coffee to his pre workout routine, and says it pumped him up immediately.

“When you go beyond what you think you can do, it changes your life. Ever since that my workouts have been different, but I did realize clearly at that time that caffeine had a lot to do with it,” explains Mandershceid.

But it also depends on how you take your coffee. Adding sugar is not so sweet.

In Layn’s opinion, “You want to stick with just a plain coffee. A black coffee is going to give you the results that they're studying. But if you do add sugar, you're setting yourself up for failure, and you're increasing your caloric intake which is what you don't need.”

So to push your limits in the gym, perhaps your work out routine starts in line for coffee. Not that we needed another reason for a coffee break - right?

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