Ginormous solar storm bears down on Earth

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PLANT EARTH – If Earth weather isn’t bad enough, now we have to worry about space weather.

On Monday, the sun belched out a big ol’ sun flare called a coronal mass ejection.

It was also a slow flare that space weather watchers say bathed the earth in UV rays for about an hour.

And that disrupted normal shortwave radio signals on the day side of the planet.

Most of the problems occurred in South America, Africa, and the South Atlantic Ocean.

But the space weather folks who keep an eye on the sky for us say there’s a ginormous solar storm bearing down on us, a G-3, and it should hit at any time now, with effects lasting through New Year’s Eve.

They say it could affect satellites, which could disrupt our GPS devices, and anything else that runs on electricity, like cell phones, computers, TVs and radios, and even people with seizure disorders.

But there is one good thing, and that’s the light show that comes with it.

Auroras could be seen as far south as Illinois.

Nice sky trippin’ for folks not escaping the floods.