Houstonians welcome a new beginning in 2016 while looking back at 2015

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HOUSTON, TX - Now that 2015 is almost in the history books, Houstonians are looking forward to the possible new roads being forged in 2016, all the while sneaking a nostalgic look at the rear view mirror.

So, what does the future have in store. Rebecca Savoy says, "I'm looking forward to a revelation from the lord, a boo, and some prosperity." Amen to that sister! But what are some things about 2015 that you want to ditch? According to Annie Kador, "As far as 2015 is concerned, I want to leave behind any unforgiveness. Anybody who you might have any type of confrontation with, call them, let them know it's OK. Forgive them or they forgive you. You just move on."

While some are hoping to resolve past issues, many are making resolutions for themselves, or trying to at least! Savoy says, "You just make a commitment to yourself and to the Lord, to be a better person than you were a year before. You don't have time for no resolutions. Because in February you're gonna stop resoluting!" Now that young lady definitely has some resolve! May this new beginning be the best, full of health and happiness for you and yours.