OH man busted after Facebook selfie video posts of him drinking and driving

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COLUMBUS, OH – And now, here’s our NewsFix nomination for Facebook Doofus of the Year.

Our nominee comes from Columbus, Ohio.

He’s a drinking man’s drinking man.

He’s goofy. He’s funny. He’s a family man.

And he’s Dustin Rittgers.

"He's a good dad,” said Amber, the mother of his son. “He's great. Our son thinks he's the best person in the whole world.”

He’s also facing criminal charges for driving drunk and for having an open container.

Rittgers posted a video to his Facebook page showing him not only drinking and driving, but also taking the video selfie he later posted.

A Facebook friend posted, 'Dude, really!!!!!'

Rittgers responded: 'I am a good driver. Don't worry,' adding 'I've got one finger on the steering wheel Facebooking while it's raining.  SMH. I am good.  I am a pro.'

Rittger’s family says he hasn’t gotten over the deaths of his unborn twins.

And his sister Teylor says he’s still trying to cope with another death. "Our aunt passed away and she was a mother to us, more than our own mother, actually. That devastated the whole family.”

It may be hard-hearted not to cut him some slack because of those tragedies, but it may have been luck, or the grace of god, that he wasn’t someone else’s tragedy.