Buzz kill: pot edibles recalled in Colorado because of pesticide residue

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DENVER, CO – Some news out of Colorado could be a real buzz kill for folks looking for some New Year’s Eve snacks.

Mountain High Suckers in Denver is recalling nearly 100,000 pot edibles because of possible pesticide residue.

That’s right: bug killers are killing the buzz.

The recalled products include marijuana infused suckers, lozenges, and powdered candy.

Mountain High Suckers took a hit in September because of labels that listed an unapproved pesticide on the lozenges. But that lasted a day when the company showed it was using old labels.

Colorado has hundreds of marijuana edibles available, with the state’s residents buying nearly 5 million of them last year.

Think of them as munchies to give you the munchies.

But edible pot products are just some of the 15 recalls in Colorado in the past 16 weeks, all related to banned pesticides on the pot.

So it looks like if you planned a Colorado rocky mountain high for new year’s eve, your doobie-doobie-do may end up a doobie-doobie don’t.

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