Feds say Rochester, NY, man planned New Year’s Eve machete attack

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ROCHESTER, NY – New Year’s Eve revelers in Rochester, NY, may have dodged a bullet, or more correctly, a machete attack.

Federal agents arrested 25-year-old Emanual Lutchman of Rochester and charged him with providing material support to ISIS.

The feds say Lutchman went with an FBI informant to the Rochester Walmart Supercenter where they bought a machete, a ski mask, some zip ties, knives, and duct tape.

Lutchman also apparently pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Al “Big Daddy” Baghdadi.

Police in Ankara, Turkey, say they thwarted a New Year’s Eve suicide attack by two suspected ISIS terrorists.

Police raided a house and found an armed suicide vest, an explosive device filled with ball bearings, and metal sticks inside a back pack.

Authorities say the pair planned to hit a shopping and restaurant district in the nation’s capital.

In Brussels, where the mayor canceled New Year’s Eve celebrations, authorities say they arrested a tenth suspect in the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris. They also detained six individuals over an alleged New Year’s Eve plot.

New York, Los Angeles, and Washington are on heightened alert for terrorism tonight. And New York’s Times Square may be the safest place on earth tonight.

At least that’s the claim from the mayor and police commissioner.

The NYPD will have 6,000 officers in Times Square. Hundreds of officers will have rifles, radiation detectors, and bomb-sniffing dogs.

And, of course, surveillance cameras will be watching the watchers watching the crowd party into the new year.

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