Looking back at 2015, The Year of Mass Murders

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SAN BERNARDINO, CA – Last year could be called the Year of Mass Murders in the US, from a military center in Tennessee, to a college campus in Oregon.

And then San Bernardino, the first ISIS-connected terror attack in the US.

Two journalists died on live television when a disgruntled former employee gunned them down in Roanoke, VA.

Then in Charleston, SC, the shooting at a black church turned into a national debate over the future of the confederate flag.

The birth to the Black Lives Matter movement came in 2015 with rallies in cities across the land, all sparked by outrage over police killings of unarmed black men.

It was also the year the US Supreme Court said it is legal to wed the one you’re with, even if that person is the same sex as you.

Remember the big manhunt in New York for those two hombres who busted out of prison thanks to a female prison worker with a thing about bad boys behind bars? That was last year.

NewsFix also spanned the spinning globe to bring you news from around the world.

Dateline: Nepal where a seven-point-eight magnitude earthquake in April killed more than 8,000.

Dateline: Paris where three groups of terrorists armed with guns and suicide vests hit six spots in November, on Friday the 13, killing 130 and wounding hundreds. And in January, two masked terrorists forced their way into the offices of the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, killing 11 and wounding 11. Related attacks in the region killed five and wounded 11.

Dateline: the French Alps where a Germanwings co-pilot intentionally crashed his jetliner in March, killing all 150 souls aboard.

Dateline: Turkey where the body of a young boy washed ashore, drawing attention to the risks taken by millions of Middle Eastern refugees fleeing ISIS terrorists and civil wars that didn’t end at the stroke of midnight, and probably won’t end in this bright and shiny new year.