Open carry gun law takes effect in Texas

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HOUSTON, TX - The "open carry" gun law came into effect on Friday, the first day of 2016.  Texans with concealed handgun licenses will now be able to carry holstered weapons in plain view.

Texas becomes the most populous state in the nation to allow the open carry of handguns.

Alexandra Chasse, a spokesperson for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, says the new law causes concern.

"Crowded places where we take our families and our children, that's not a place where you should be open carrying a loaded firearm," Chasse said. "We do accept that 'open carry' is law, so one of our main objectives is to reach out to business owners to educate them about their legal right to prohibit the open carry of a loaded handgun on their premises."

Handguns are still banned at hospitals, schools, jails and places selling alcohol. Business have the right to not allow costumers to open carry on company property as long as signage is properly posted.