Crime on the menu

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HOUSTON - The Huong Giang Hue restaurant was back open today, only one day after a customer was shot and killed while dining inside.  Police say two robbers in ski masks came in and held employees and customers at gun point while clearing out the cash register.  When the robbers approached patrons for their wallets, one man stood up in defense of his family and that's when he was shot.  He died right there inside the restaurant.

During the struggle, the victim was reportedly able to pull the ski mask off one of the suspects.  There are surveillance cameras in the restaurant, so the Houston Police Department is believed to have good surveillance footage of at least one of the suspects.

Over in Montrose, clear surveillance footage show robbers stealing and vandalizing the Lowbrow restaurant.   One man came in and reportedly took the bar register and left.  Several minutes later, the video shows more men arriving,  snatching televisions off of the wall and vandalizing the place.  They loaded a tub full of liquor and made off with a safe containing an unspecified amount.