Protesters take over Oregon federal wildlife building in support of ranchers

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HARNEY COUNTY, OR - Nobody likes the federal government when tax season comes around, but an anti-government uprising this weekend in Oregon is taking things to another level.

Armed protesters broke into the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and took over a federal building.

It all went down near the small town of burns, 280 miles southeast of Portland.

Protesters claim the feds are putting ranchers out of business and unfairly punishing those who refused to sell their land.

"It has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite and making a hard stand against this -- this overreach. This taking of the people's land and resources," said Ammon Bundy.

It's a fight over private land rights. Protesters are rallying in support of Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers convicted of arson.

Lawyers for the feds say the Hammonds burned nearly 130 acres to cover up illegal hunting.

The Hammonds say the fire was controlled and set to reduce growth of invasive plants on their property.

For Ammon Bundy, these kind of disputes seem to run in the family. His father, Cliven Bundy, stood his ground against the feds in 2014 over cattle grazing fees on federal land in Nevada.

As far as the takeover, the building was closed for the holidays. Federal agencies are monitoring the situation.

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