Man with swastika tattoed face arrested in Oklahoma

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BROKEN ARROW, OK - This next story will have you shaking your head when you see the man at the center.

"I've never seen anything like it in my whole entire life"
"Kinda crazy looking guy you know"

Employees at a gas station in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma got quite the surprise when one guy walked through the door, Friday night.


Michael Carter looked like some kind of amateur superhero since he was wearing a mask. But since he was donning the mask, people at the gas station asked him to leave.


So, like any reasonable person wearing a cape, he locked himself in the bathroom.

He may have locked himseld in because of what he looks like without the mask. Carter  went a little overboard with the face tattoos including a swastika front and center.

Police had to pull Carter out of the bathroom before arresting him for trespassing. Perhaps the incident taught him a lesson he can share behind bars.