Animal kingdom? Horse photobombs and monkey loses out on copyright selfie

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Be honest, we're all guilty of taking selfies, and maybe even bombing one or two. But what about an animal joining in on the fun?

One stallion wasn't horsing around when he photo bombed a little girl's adorable photo; but he isn't the only one hogging up the camera.

Back in 2011 British photographer, David Slater, spent a few days in Indonesia to take photos of animals. He captured a special one, but it wasn't taken by him, it was captured by a monkey himself.

Can we say hashtag Melfie.

Unfortunately, the Melfie miracle didn't land Slater any big bucks. Instead, it landed on sites like Wiki-Media Commons -- for free! The website made a claim saying since the monkey took the pic, Slater doesn't own it.

Well that all may change soon now that a judge ruled copyright laws do not apply to animals.

Sounds like some serious monkey business.