Man killed in a volley of gunfire after threatening police during a stand off

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REDDING, CA – Some things you learn in school, but other things you just have to learn on your own, sometimes the hard way.

Here’s an example Butch and Sundance learned: Don’t try to shoot your way out of a jam, especially when you’re surrounded by lots of guys with guns.

An hombre in Redding, CA, failed his last chance to learn that lesson.

Cell phone video recorded the final moments of an incident that began when the man went into the apartment of a female acquaintance, and ended when he stepped outside and pointed his pistol at police.

"Scary. I live right across the way and I have a six month old grandson at home and I had him hiding in the bathroom,” said Jason Crawford.

Reports say the unidentified man wouldn’t leave the apartment and kept yelling at police about President Obama. They tried shooting him with bean bags, and even sicced the dogs on him.

The video shows police officers yelling at him, trying to get him to surrender.

Shane Hendrickson also saw the shooting. "They asked him to come out of his house like three times. And he finally came out of the doorway and they lit him up. It's just ridiculous knowing that it's right down the street from my house and all that.”

We doubt if you’ll hear anything from the neighbors about the use of unnecessary to protect their lives.