People with stronger sex drive use more emojis

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DALLAS, TX - It looks like the times they are a-changin' and the language of courtship is using fewer words and more emojis.   So, what do you think?  Banana, eggplant… or peach-eggplant?  Food for thought, as they say.

"Bigger's always better, right?" said Houston resident Alejandra Avila.  "So, I guess the eggplant would be my choice."

As a matter of fact, a survey of 5,675 singles conducted by the dating website suggests people who think about sex multiple times a day tend to use more emojis in their texts.  That's very naughty!

"I do have a boyfriend now and yes, I use a lot of emojis", laughed Dwayne Hamilton all the way from Denver, Colorado.  "They make texts more fun"

And there's more.  Kim Kardashian -better known as "do you like my butt?"- has launched "Kimoji", an app with her own line of emojis.  The set of illustrations includes her ample behind of course, censored boobies, a pole dancer and panties on the ground… Keepin' it classy as always!

Going back to eggplants and smiley faces, now we know that people who use emojis are more flirtatious and get to… ahem… more frequently.  So, cheers to that!