Threat posted on Facebook against bbq joint supporting open carry

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CYPRESS, TX - So much for civil disagreements! Thursday morning, Brooks Place, a barbecue joint in Cypress received a threat of violence on their Facebook page.

It read: “I’ll shoot up the place on Saturday. Let’s see how your gun toting patrons will stop me.”

“I take it seriously cause I don’t take threats as humor, especially when you’re talking about shooting up a business,” says the owner, Trent Brooks.

The threat specifically mentioned “gun toting patrons,” a reference to the discount offered for carrying your gun, concealed or openly carried, on the premises.   Open carry became law in Texas just this year.

“We made it a part of our business because number one we support the second amendment, and number two we want to protect our customers,” explains Brooks.

Brooks immediately took the threat to law enforcement, and Harris County Sheriff’s Office gave NewsFix this statement:

“We take all cases of this type especially one of this nature extremely seriously. We will investigate to the fullest capacity and work hard to capture the suspect who made this threat.” - Deputy Thomas Gilliland, HCSO

Brooks says there will be added security present on Saturday, but refuses to close down on account of the threat. “We’ll be doing business as usual,” he added.