Tip for cold weather workouts

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HOUSTON, Tx - While the cold weather may keep some at home, and absent from working out, others seem to embrace the frigid temperatures.

"It's better, it's a whole lot better,"  says exercise enthusiast Beth Murphy.  "You can go a lot faster.  I sweat pretty bad and you don't have to prepare with salt tablets."

Going faster is one of the results of working out in the cold weather.  Without the heat of a Houston summer bearing down on you during your workout, the cold weather offers plenty of benefits.  According to Robert Shamus of the Houston Striders, that can include an increase in lap time.

"I think that most runners will tell you that they run faster in the cold weather.  We noticed a huge decrease in our running time in the cold," said Shamus.

While the cold may help you to pick up the pace a little,  Shamus also provides a few tips to keep you healthy and safe during those frigid winter exercise months.

"You're going to want to do a little bit of stretching before hand, maybe have some food before hand, also remember to drink plenty of water before, after and during the run, and also protect the extremities like the fingers," he said.