Hecklers and bull manure highlight the presidential campaign trail

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BURLINGTON, VT – Sometimes it’s hard to tell comedy from politics. Other times, not so much.

Donald Trump is a few decades too late to be part of a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, but he’s just in time to be heckled on the presidential campaign trail.

Trump was in Vermont where he’s trailing fellow GOP presidential hopeful Texas senator Ted Cruz by less than two percent in the Green Mountain State.

Trump opponents were in the crowd during this stop in Burlington; some of them supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Although they didn’t stop Trump from talking, they did provide a little comedy on the campaign trail as he repeatedly told security to “get ‘em” and kick them out into the cold without their coats.

Now, for everyone who thinks politics is just a bunch of bull ****.

Some folks in Iowa are letting their bulls pick the next president.

The idea here is for bulls to walk around on photos of the presidential candidates from each party, and then make his choice through the use of bovine scatology.

In this case, one bull chose Trump while the other chose Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

And this is what makes American democracy the envy of the world.