El Chapo fights extradition to the US as more information emerges about Rolling Stone interview

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LOS MOCHIS, MEXICO – Dude! Who knew Sean Penn was one of Shorty Guzman’s peeps?

Yet there he is on the web cover of Rolling Stone, shaking hands with the notorious leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, Joaquin Guzman, El Chapo, or just Shorty for short.

Mexican authorities arrested El Chapo Friday during a raid on his hideout in Los Mochis, killing six of his henchmen.

The arrest came just hours before Rolling Stone published Penn’s interview with him. Now he’s in back in the maximum security prison from where he escaped last year.

Uncle Sam wants to get his hands on shorty for drug crimes in the US, but his attorneys are fighting extradition.

El Chapo feels his life would make a good movie, and, apparently, he’s spent his time on the run planning a movie project.

Penn says Mexican-American actress Kate del Castillo arranged the interview. She apparently started communicating with El Chapo during his second stint in prison in 2014.

Mexican officials want to talk with her and Penn, but she isn’t talking.

Penn wrote that he and shorty met face-to-face last October, three months after El Chapo walked out of prison.

Penn says their meeting was somewhere in the middle of a Mexican jungle, a meeting that included tequila and tacos, and the fear of being seen by armed drones.

Penn hasn’t said anything publicly since the article came out.  And maybe that's because Mexico's attorney general confirmed that the interview was instrumental in Shorty's capture.

Now that it's official, Penn may want to keep a low profile for a while so he won't become one of the next casualties of the narco war.