Elysium Nightclub security guard’s beat down caught on camera

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HOUSTON, TX - If it's Monday, it must mean another concern about a nightclub bouncer's behavior possibly crossing a line. Video recently posted to Facebook by Mariah Martinez was taken outside midtown Houston's Elysium nightclub over the weekend.  The caption read, "The security guard was beating up a white man who was drunk."

The club's owners issued a statement asserting Elysium security acted in self-defense. That the man punched, but, cut and injured the guard. The statement said he pushed people down a staircase and finally, "The video is not representative of what happened prior to or afterwards as this man initiated contact multiple times and made staff feel unsafe and threatened."

This is not the club owners' first time in the hot seat. The club Gaslamp should ring a bell. It made headlines in September, accused of racial discrimination by three African American men. They were denied entry unless they paid a $20 cover charge while white club goers the same night got in free.

By the way....Gaslamp and Elysium are owned by the same people!

While this latest incident puts them back in the spotlight, the video continues to rack up views. The lawyers continue to rack up billable hours. And we know there are three sides to every story: the accuser's, the accused, and the truth.....which usually lies somewhere in between.

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