Houston hip-hop artist takes on bullying

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KATY, TX - Historically, hip-hop hasn't always been known for positive messages towards kids. But one Houston recording artist by the name of Skrap Dawg is aiming to put hip-hop to good use.

“I think kids like to be a part of something that`s cool… For us, we like to show them what`s cool and what`s not, cause they need our guidance in them things. It don`t matter where you come from, or how much money your parents make, or things of this nature, bullying is a global thing,” says Eric Landry aka Skrap Dawg.

The inspiration for the song “Bullies Ain`t Kool” comes from an experience in Skrap`s own life, where a child of a family friend was being teased by classmates when she talked about being friends with a hip-hop artist.

“We actually went and had lunch with her, and it changed everything for her. The bullying stopped and she became the cool one … from that moment we decided to develop a song that`s letting kids know on a global scale that bullies ain`t cool,” Landry explains.

The song, aimed at grades 2 through 8, is part of a larger movement Skrap calls “We are the Village,” where for $1 you can download the song, and that money goes back into the village.

“Portions of those proceeds go toward 501c companies that support families that either lost a child behind being bullied or have a child that`s being bullied,” says Landry.

Skrap Dawg also plans to perform his single at as many schools as possible.

“I know we won`t be able to hit every school,” he says, “...but this song will because music is universal.”

A universal method to spread a universal message ... Bullies ain`t cool.

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