Houston remembers David Bowie

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HOUSTON, TX - A true master of sound and vision has moved on. Legendary British music icon, David Bowie has died, just two days after his 69th birthday and release of his last album "Blackstar". The legend kept his 18-month battle with cancer a secret. Fans remember Bowie's lasting legacy.

Not just a musician, this highly influential artist also left his mark on film and fashion. But if music was what first put bowie on the map, today you can say his stardom is out of this world. From astronauts covering his classics while floating in a tin can to tweets from British astronaut Tim Peake from the ISS, space and David Bowie music seem go hand in hand.

Space City knows that very well. Fans in Houston will see the stars look very different today, with the passing of David Bowie, his music will surely continue to live here on earth, and up in the heavens.