Outrage in Cologne over NYE sexual assaults leads to protests, attacks on immigrants

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COLOGNE, GERMANY – Anger in Cologne, Germany, over the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults of hundreds of women has turned into violence against Pakistani and Syrian immigrants.

Thousands of Germans marched through the streets of cologne over the weekend and in front of the train station and gothic cathedral where the assaults occurred.

Police ended up sending reinforcements to the site of the assaults as they received reports of groups of individuals preparing to provoke violence.

Police say a mob of about 15 individuals attacked six Pakistani immigrants, hospitalizing two. A smaller group later attacked a Syrian man.

Cologne police are looking into 516 reports connected to the New Year’s Eve assaults while Hamburg police are investigating 133 similar charges.

Witnesses saw hundreds of women running through a crowd of men groping them, making lewd comments, and robbing them.

Cologne police say they have made some arrests.

Most of the thirty or so individuals under investigation are from North African countries, with about two dozen of those seeking asylum or in the country illegally.

Germany took in more than one million refugees last year.

The New Year’s Eve assaults are heating up the already inflamed refugee debates not only in Germany, but also other nations, including the United States.