Sean Penn interview may have lead to El Chapo’s arrest

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SINALOA, Mexico - My kingdom for 15 minutes of fame!   It looks like a Hollywood-style escape from prison or being considered the world's number one drug trafficker was not enough for El Chapo Guzman.  This "short" dude was craving more attention.

Mexican authorities said they were able to recapture the most wanted criminal last week, thanks to an interview he gave to actor Sean Penn, and his desire to secure a movie deal.  The more you think about it… the more ridiculous it sounds.

El Chapo Guzman, a powerful drug lord who was willing to put his life and empire at risk for a little bit of notoriety.   But let's be honest: he's not the only person in today's world who would do anything to be in the spotlight.

Now the Mexican kingpin is back in jail, and there's a chance he'll be extradited to the United States.  If that happens, he'll certainly have his 15 minutes of fame, his day in court and, start counting: a life behind bars… if they can hold him.